Which one is better? : Smoothies vs Juices


With juicing, you extract the fiber and drink just the juice. With smoothies, you blend and drink everything, fiber and all.

Some people find that juicing is more wasteful because you throw all that pulp away. Also juicing can be more expensive because all the pulp is extracted. However, people choose to juice is because of the fasting benefits that give your digestive system a rest and reboot your body. Many people gravitate towards smoothies because of the fiber in their diets and can fill you up for a few hours.

Remember, both juicing and blending smoothies are good for your health. Here are the guidelines to help you decide easily whether to juice or to blend:

Go for juice if:

  • You want a quick energy boost
  • You are not that hungry just thirsty and dehydrated
  • You want to detox and cleanse your system without fiber
  • You want to consume a large variety of fruits and vegetables fast
  • Yu wan to quickly absorb the minerals and vitamins in the vegetables and fruits

Go for blend smoothies if:

  • You want the fiber in your fruits and vegetables
  • You are more hungry than thirsty and need to do it fast
  • You have both the appetite and time to consume a smoothies
  • You want to toss in your supplements, seeds, powders, and other superfoods
  • You want a filling meal to keep you satisfied for a few hours

A few tips

  • Avoid bottled juices or smoothies unless the label specifically says “Cold-pressed”
  • The drink contains no added chemicals or processed sugars
  • Remember fresh juices or smoothies are always better than bottled health drinks that have been pasteurized

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