Frequently Asked Questions

We produce our jam and nut butter only with premium ingredients. Our bread spreads are vegan-friendly and have no preservatives added. We use much less sugar and add more fruits or nuts instead.

Our jams last for 8 months and nut butter lasts for 6 months. Once opened please keep it refrigerated and avoid direct sunlight. Because our products are very low in sugar ideally they should be consumed 2-3 weeks after being opened. 

Low sugar jams might show signs of fading color when exposed to light over time as it is has no artificial ingredients added. If the jar is properly sealed the jam might not look as pretty but will taste as good as usual and is safe to eat.

We spend a lot of time producing a perfect product, our jam for example contains 70% pure fruits. To achieve that we make smaller batches with hand-picked ingredients and take our time to get everything right. Rest assured that when you buy a Nuri product you acquire a healthy quality product.

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Our products are made without the use of artificial preservatives. All our products are vegan-friendly and suitable for all health-food lovers!